What were you firing at?
I went and bought a target, actually—this big square thing with circles and a deer head on it. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on the show, I was driving by her house, and I couldn’t wait to come back here to shoot it, so I called her up. I was like, “What are you doing?” She says, “I’m walking my dog.” I’m, “I’m coming over right now,” and I came over with this crossbow and this target. I’m like, “We’re shooting this!” She’s like, “Oh, my God, that’s gotta be illegal.” I’m like, “No one’s looking.” The guy who was supposed to make it shorter wasn’t there, so I knew it was gonna hurt me, and I just had to shoot it. Because it was, like, burning a hole in my hand.

Normam Reedus



In light of the recent “spoilers” regarding Beth I feel the need to voice my opinion over believing everything you see on social media and other websites. You should take everything, I mean EVERYTHING, you read with a grain of salt. This storyline of Beth’s has quickly become the…

YES! 1000x yes. Like you said. The trailer alone proved that she’s been filming and she’s not dead.


Anonymous asked:

I see on TSDF that it looks like 5x11 wraps up tomorrow and 5x12 will begin filming at the Gin Property come Monday. I'm starting to think somehow, someway Beth's already there at the ASZ and that's where the reunions happen. She's just not in 5x11. I can see something like, a crowd of ASZ onlookers, shocked and afraid of Rick's haggard group stare them down. There's a movement from the back of the crowd. It parts to reveal Beth, pushing through and coming face to face with her family. CREDITS.

blondietvjunkie answered:


Sweetness, yep, I have the VERY same vision if that is where she is. I just answered an anon with the same thoughts. You can read all of it here.

But, yes ma’am, IF she is there, I see it…

Battle broken and covered in blood, with the stench of death in their eyes — Team Rick comes upon ASZ with a ferocious do-not-%uck-with-my-crew stare. The people of ASZ are half trembling from the sight and stand in stillness. But, there is someone trying to move the through the crowd. When Beth makes her way to the front, she is not sure what it will be. But, then she sees. Her eyes well, and tears fall, in shock; it’s her family. She stops frozen. Maggie runs to her first, hugging her tight. Beth is trying to catch her breath, as she pulls away and scans for Daryl, who has not moved; he can’t move, cause he can’t believe it’s her. He sits down on his heals, rests his elbows on his knees, and drops his head — in utter disbelief and inability to make sense of what he is overcome with. Beth walks slowly to him, no words are said; she just kneels before him and slides his crossbow out of the way and moves closer. Beth wipes her eyes and cups Daryl’s cheeks. He looks up, and their eyes meet… in a place where everything is known. Daryl sees the scar on her cheek, and his face says how sorry he is. But, Beth subtly shakes her head “no” and she buries her face in Daryl’s neck. He wraps his arm around her, like she is his favorite thing and all he has is wrapped up in her.

OK I’m done. It’s 2am and I can’t think, so don’t judge…. But, this is a good game. Let’s keep the story going. :)Your turn! XOXO

I’ve had the same thoughts! Sadly I don’t think that they wil be reunited until the last episode of the last half of the season. I will still be happy though. If all we get to see is heavy hints that Daryl loves her and they ARE reunited in season five, then I will be happy. I’ve come to terms with that. 



Oh dear, that sounds like my husband. He just told me it means Daryl is going to drown (this from a massive U2 fan who knows every word to every song). I’m cutting holes in his shirts now…


I think I’ve finally convinced Batman to jump ship. 

Yes daryl will drown. In Beth’s love!


apachejumpinonit asked:

I'm re watching all of the seasons of TWD. I'm noticing (and I might be wrong) where it seems that all the reunions seem happen after the mid season finale. Ex: Daryl's closure w Sophia, s3 where daryl finds carol alive, then Merle, then s4 where he gets reunited with the group. What are your thoughts on a bethyl reunion after the mid season finale?

litwitlady answered:

Well, I think the Beth plot will not drag out past 5A. That’s too much. He lost her in the middle of 4B. LONG ENOUGH. They’ve got to get on the road to Alexandria. And that’s only going to happen once Beth’s by his side again. And let’s be honest for a second, dragging the search for Beth any farther than 508 is BORING. And pointless. So I think 5A will wrap up as nice as possible so that our characters are released from the chains shackling them to GA. 5B we’re on to new adventures.

Bigger and better things. They all need a fresh start.

Thanks for responding!