thevampirecat replied to your post:That poor other shipper over on TSDF who’s trying…

Oh dear, that sounds like my husband. He just told me it means Daryl is going to drown (this from a massive U2 fan who knows every word to every song). I’m cutting holes in his shirts now…


I think I’ve finally convinced Batman to jump ship. 

Yes daryl will drown. In Beth’s love!


apachejumpinonit asked:

I'm re watching all of the seasons of TWD. I'm noticing (and I might be wrong) where it seems that all the reunions seem happen after the mid season finale. Ex: Daryl's closure w Sophia, s3 where daryl finds carol alive, then Merle, then s4 where he gets reunited with the group. What are your thoughts on a bethyl reunion after the mid season finale?

litwitlady answered:

Well, I think the Beth plot will not drag out past 5A. That’s too much. He lost her in the middle of 4B. LONG ENOUGH. They’ve got to get on the road to Alexandria. And that’s only going to happen once Beth’s by his side again. And let’s be honest for a second, dragging the search for Beth any farther than 508 is BORING. And pointless. So I think 5A will wrap up as nice as possible so that our characters are released from the chains shackling them to GA. 5B we’re on to new adventures.

Bigger and better things. They all need a fresh start.

Thanks for responding!